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Organic Skincare Products

Our Services

Successfully competing in today’s personal care market requires excellence in understanding consumers and their unmet needs and in-depth technical expertise in the chemistry of raw materials and formulations. With Beauty Board Consultants, we brought together a group of cosmetic and personal care experts to service our clients with product development, performance testing, and manufacturing, all under one collaborated umbrella. R&D Managers, Marketers, or Manufacturers of Finished Products.

If you are trying to expand your current business into new categories and do not have the right expertise, would like to focus on long-term research without getting encumbered with conflicting priorities, or would like to supplement your current R&D temporarily without a long-term commitment, we can help on these fronts.


BBC will identify the project or products to be developed, the area or market the products will address, and the target markets in which they will be sold. 


BBC will assist in copy development, including romance copy, directions, ingredients, warnings, barcoding, and global translations.  Assist in developing training manuals, brochures, and point of purchase (POP) materials and gifts with purchase (GWP's).


BBC will assist in securing evidential support to substantiate claims.  Some examples of proof of claims are experimental/clinical studies, safety testing (Micro, PET, RIPT, Ocular, OTC Drug, etc.), consumer perception tests, publications, or combinations. Leaping Bunny, MADE SAFE, and EWG reviews. 

claim substantiation

BBC will assist in operations for production, processing, compounding, formulating, filling, refining, transforming, packing, packaging, repackaging, and labeling of beauty and fragrance products.


BBC will develop a marketing story for the ingredients and products and then build the formulations. We specialize in clean beauty, renewable, sustainable, ethically sourced, and upcycled ingredients.  

Product Development

BBC will ensure that your ingredients and products are safe for use.  This includes using compliant ingredients, conducting appropriate tests, weights & measures, labeling, and keeping our clients updated with safety alerts or recalls. Assist contract manufacturers with SOP, GMPs, ISO 9001, and preparation for retail auditing.


BBC will assist in ordering packaging and all components. This would include bottles, jars, tubes, caps, pumps, unit cartons (box, inner carton, master carton), and any additional shipping materials.


BBC will assist in securing channels such as selling through intermediaries, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, agents, affiliates, drop shipping, pick & pack, kitting, and specialized palletizing. 

fulfillment & distribution

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