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our advisory board

Dr. richard wells

Dr. Richard Wells - PhD Molecular biologist; International Formulation Direction, QA/QC, clinical studies, claim support and substantiation. Trial witness. Worked with Jafra; Herbalife; Basic research.  Understands technologies, their value/worth and how best to utilize them in the beauty, nutritional market.

Dr. Peter Kirton

Peter Kirton, Phd; MBA (Pepperdine) 

Peter has wide business leadership experience in the US (22 years) and Europe (6 years)

Efficient strategy and business planning process effective in a variety of businesses and non profits, from start ups to > $1B.  CEO mentor and coach.  Efficiently works with CEO’s and leadership teams to create a strategy allied with clear business plans.  When organizations reach a point where they need a strategic update to tackle stagnation or new growth challenges, he will guide companies through simple, scalable processes that takes four days and minimally distracts day to day business. Effective in companies from $3M to over 1B. Concrete, action oriented approach to coach CEO’s, future CEO’s to rapidly become better leaders, strategic thinkers, culture creators and decision makers, adding substantial purpose and value to the company and all stakeholders.

Nick Lester

Award-winning Copywriter, Branding, Marketing Narratives; Nick’s  “Better than Botox” campaign,  Is this the best cosmetic headline in history? We think so! This headline took a failing stretch mark cream and turned it into an anti-wrinkle phenomenon, resulting in the creation of an iconic brand beginning with a single SKU which has surpassed $ 1 billion worldwide.  Nick will help clients who want to market to QVC; HSN; TV, Radio, and Magazine exposure. 

Rene Walczak

Packaging engineer

Dr. David Rutolo

PhD in Biochemistry, Dir of Science, FDA Law degree Background in Food, Pharma, Nutritional, and Personal care with focus on Micellar delivery systems. Developed a novel nano-particle drug delivery system patented in 43 countries resulting in multiple new drug formulations. Co Founder of Micelle Technologies, an FDA drug licensed facility for the development of Micellization. Specialized I patented delivery systems to enhance the absorption of fat soluble substances which are widely utilized by the nutritional and skin care preparations both nationally and internationally, focus on the building blocks of beauty and the physiology of beauty from within, and out for skin nutrition.

Dr. Tina Yuen

MD, heads up Tangut/Puredia. Tibetan Seabery oil, Seaberry powders for both food, nutritional, and beauty. Located in Hong Kong Tina will oversee Asian/Australian Markets that want to have a product made in the USA or enter in the US Market and comply with all regulations. 

Dr. Elysia Racanelli

MD, Med Spa market.  Located in Montreal,  Canada, Elysia evaluates ingredients for botox, fillers, plumping agents and works with BBC on anti aging ingredients.-

Louise Reed

Located in the UK.  Louise oversees all project management, manufacturing, production, marketing, PR, Social Media and client relations.

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